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The USA-NPN is happy to work with the media to get you the phenology data and information that you need.

USA-NPN Mission Statement

The USA-NPN—a network of scientists, resource managers, educators, and volunteer observers supported by a National Coordinating Office—serves science and society by collecting, organizing and distributing phenological data and information to stakeholders to aid decision-making and adaptation to variable climates and changing environments.

Media Contacts

Jake Weltzin
Executive Director
(520) 626-3821

Theresa Crimmins
Assistant Director
(520) 621-8523


Areas of Expertise

We are happy to give you information about:

  • What is phenology, and why should I care about it?
  • How do we know when spring is arriving, and how is the timing of spring changing?
  • How does the USA-NPN predict the activity of plant and animal species of interest?
  • How can people get involved in Nature's Notebook?

Have another question? Just ask!



Our Products

Professional and citizen scientists alike are invited to participate in Nature's Notebook, the USA-NPN's national phenology program in which participants record long-term observations of plant and animal life stages. This program is the primary way that phenology data are added to the National Phenology Database.

The Phenology Visualization Tool allows exploration of the phenology data in the National Phenology Database. Data may also be downloaded in filtered data sets via the Phenology Observation Portal.

The Status of Spring maps provide insight into when early season plants begin to leaf out and bloom across the country. The maps show when spring leaf out and bloom arrived, and how this year compares to a long-term average.

Pheno Forecasts provide notifications for when pest and invasive species are estimated to reach life cycle stages of when management actions are most effective.


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Communication Standards

  • USA-NPN (not NPN alone) is the abbreviation.
  • “Taking the Pulse of Our Planet” (not ‘the Planet’) is our tag line.
  • Phenology is the study of the seasonal plant and animal life cycle events, including the flowering of plants, ripening of fruit, emergence of insects, and migration of birds.
  • In general, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS, should be credited for the USA-NPN. Several institutions and agencies are involved in particular projects – ask our media contacts whom to credit for a particular effort.


Image Gallery

The USA-NPN has made the following copyright-free images available to our media and outreach partners. Please do credit the photographer. Click on a thumbnail to view and download a high resolution version.


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