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You're invited to experience plants or animals you see all the time in a brand new way by joining Nature's Notebook.

Become an Observer

When you participate in the program, you’ll go outside to observe nature in your backyard or nearby area weekly and enter this information online.

Time commitment to...

Become an observer: About 10 minutes

Observe: About 2 minutes per individual plant or animal (once you’ve familiarized yourself with the program and learned how to observe)

Become an observer today in 3 steps:

1.Join Nature’s Notebook

  • All that’s needed to join is your name and email address. No previous experience necessary. We don’t give personal information away (Read our Privacy Policy).

2.Set up your account

  • Choose your site, the location where you want to observe, such as your backyard.
  • Select species from our Species List, identifying individual plants or animals you want to observe.

3.Start observing!

  • Familiarize yourself with our guidelinesfor observing.
  • Print paper datasheets to take outsidewhen you record observations.
  • Go outside, take observations of your plants or animals using your paper datasheets and enter them online afterward.

Become an Observer Now