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Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions, as well as resources for other questions that are commonly asked. Please look through the information provided to see if your question is answered here.

How can I edit my observations or see my observations were submitted? 

Using your desktop version of the "enter observations" link you can use the blue arrows at the top to manually scroll back submission date by submission date in your data to see what/when/if things were submitted. You can edit the observation record from here, click submit at the bottom of the page and it will save the changes.

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How do I join a Nature's Notebook group for collecting observations?

For first-time Nature's Notebook users, you will select the checkbox next to the group name you want to observe with from the "Partner Groups" section of the account creation process. For existing Nature's Notebook users, once logged in you will go to edit your profile, and scroll to the "Partner Groups" section of your profile. Then scroll through the list to find the group you wish to participate with and select the checkbox next to the group name, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click "Save".

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How do I add a site to my observation deck?

Logged in, from your observation deck, from the "my sites" section of the left-hand column [you may have to manually select the "my sites" option if you participate with a group(s)]. There will be an orange link at the bottom of the column to "Add a New Personal Site". From this page, you will name your site, then you can type in the address of your site or find it on the map and drop a pin. We then ask some optional site details about the location for you to fill out, then click "Create Site" at the bottom of the page.

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What if the species I want to observe is not on your species list

If you would like to monitor species not on our list, you could print paper data sheets for a similar species, and keep hard copies of them. Unfortunately, we would not be able to store your data directly in our database at this point. The paper datasheets also can be used when/if that species get added to our system, you can pull out these paper datasheets and back-date enter them into our interface. 

I entered the wrong plant species, how do I remove it? 

Logged in, from your observation deck, from the second column from the left, clicking the link for "Add or Edit Plants" will take you to a new window. Highlight the species you need to be removed from the list at the left side, then select the box next to delete and marking "data entry error" as the reason. You will be able to add the correct species from this page if needed. 

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I submitted my observations using the mobile application. Returning to my computer, my observation deck doesn't show them.

On a good Wi-Fi or data connection, open your mobile application and click the sync button (iPhone) or leave the phone untouched for a moment (Android). The observations should sync to your account. The mobile phone submitted data has a unique timestamp, where each individual species entry is submitted at a separate time, so you may have to scroll back farther than expected to find your data (see above). Read more about the mobile appsNote: we are currently working on upgrades to our mobile apps to improve on user experience.

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