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Phenology Trail Resources

A phenology trail is a network of Nature's Notebook observation sites.  Linked together, these sites provide the participants with places to visit, enjoy nature, collect data, and learn about supporting organizations.  Phenology trails are also excellent community engagement tools, designed to develop local partnerships and share a common goal.  

You might want to start with a simple "phenology walk" at one location, with a pathway linking observation points together for data collection.  Each site has at least two species tagged for data collection.  Once you've established your phenology walk, recruit others in your community to do the same.  Then, you can link all of your sites using our shared sites or groups functionality.  Use this to celebrate the different ways we all engage in phenology observation on a daily basis. 

Why create a phenology trail? 

  • Link local and regional phenology activities in a new way
  • Build connections between organizations with similar missions
  • Teach about the scientific method and native species
  • Use research data to answer local science questions
  • Create opportunities for more than one person to submit observations at a shared site
  • Provide phenology and climate change education opportunities

Check out our ideas for making a phenology walk or trail on Pinterest!

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All set up? Consider hosting a Phenology Celebration!

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