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Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center

Montana Audubon Center’s mission is to promote appreciation, knowledge, and conservation of Montana’s native birds, other wildlife, and natural ecosystems through high quality conservation education programs for all ages.Initially launched in 1998, an all-volunteer effort has planted more than 85,000 trees and shrubs for habitat restoration, engaged dozens of schools and local businesses, and built community support for a year-round center. Today, Montana Audubon and its partners are prepared to build on this foundation and establish the Center as a regional hub for placed-based education, conservation/environmental research and monitoring, citizen science, and Yellowstone River Basin natural history.
Geographic coverage: 
eastern Montana
Taxonomic groups: 
Flowering Plants
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Darcie Howard
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Audubon Conservation Education Center
7026 S. Billings Blvd
59101 Billings , MT
United States
Montana US