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Center for Open Science - Statistical and Methodological Consultants

Statistical and Methodological Consultants


The Center for Open Science (COS) develops tools to support the scientific workflow (i.e., Open Science Framework), fosters community standards and efforts for open practices, and conducts metascience research - science on scientific practices. We will hire two individuals with substantial training in quantitative methods, research methodology, and reproducible research practices to be a consulting team to train, support, and foster open, reproducible research practices across the sciences.

Statistical and Methodological Consultants will contribute to the COS mission, particularly the community and metascience efforts, and help facilitate open, reproducible practices across the scientific community. Statistical and Methodological Consultants must have extremely strong quantitative, methodological, social, and organizational skills. Depending on training and expertise, part of one or both of these positions will be devoted to support activities in the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy related to reproducible research practices. This position is appropriate for recent or past PhD’s with particularly strong quantitative training in their substantive discipline.


The Statistical and Methodological Consultants will provide active, hands-on consultation for reproducible best practices in data analysis and research design. This includes short-term visits to universities, departments, and laboratories; lectures and training at conferences; virtual consulting and training; and development and maintenance of education materials and practical guides for distribution. Consulting services will include open science, reproducibility practices, data analysis, and research methodology.

The Statistical and Methodological Consultants will assist in forming and maintaining COS’s best practices for reproducible research, and collaborate with the whole COS team in making its infrastructure and products accessible, useful, and applicable to scientists across research disciplines.


Substantial training and experience in scientific research, quantitative methods, and reproducible research practices; Extremely high social and communication skills; Exceptional organization and attention to detail; Service-oriented mindset; Diverse experience with technologies for data collection, analysis, and visualization; Ability to use web communication and documentation software effectively; Team-oriented; Very strong work ethic; Self-starter and industrious; Adaptivity to rapidly changing demands in a high performance workplace; Very strong writing skills. Skills in programming (at least R, ideally Python or Julia), web development, and data analysis are essential.


The Center for Open Science is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.


The Center for Open Science offers full time employees 401(k), health/dental/vision insurance, and 15 days of paid time off, in addition to a modern office space and other amenities.


The Center for Open Science is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from members of groups underrepresented in science and technology industries.

Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your background and interest in the position here. Questions about the position and COS are welcome.

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