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Cricket Crawl

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Sam Droege,

The Cricket and Katydid Crawl of New York City and Surrounds is a citizen science pilot project in which participants will venture out between dusk and midnight to locations of their choosing throughout the NYC metro area to listen for the calls of crickets and katydids and document their observations. Counts will be immediately text, emailed, or cell phoned in. An extended network of databasers will enter the data online, and maps and analayses will be generated in near real time. By dawn we hope to have a series of reports generated by observers, artists, mathematicians, and citizens. Following the survey on September 11, 2009 we will document the event and provide advice for those who would like to replicate this event elsewhere. We will be doing this purposely without copyrights and without institutional funding...a wiki approach to a survey.


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New York US
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