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Project Squirrel

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Steve Sullivan,

Project Squirrel is a citizen science project for everybody, everywhere that uses squirrels as a catalyst to study urban nature, including people.  Whether or not you have squirrels near you, we encourage you to visit our web site once a season to record data about your neighborhood.  There are many places that have one species of squirrel, some that have more, and some that have none.  However, the number and diversity of squirrels in a given neighborhood often changes over time.  We want to find out why.  We also want to know how squirrel's perceptions of local habitats vary from those of the resident humans.  Log on to Project Squirrel throughout the year to tell us what is going on in the nature of your neighborhood.

The observational parts of this study are suitable for all ages and skill levels.  For people who want to get more involved we have an experimental food patch study, too.

Trained Volunteers