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California Phenology Project

The Pacific West Region of the National Park Service (NPS) is conducting a 2.5-year project to develop integrated phenological monitoring across parks in California using funding received from the NPS Climate Change Response Program in 2010. The California Phenology Project (CPP) aims to incorporate public education and outreach along with sound scientific practices and outcomes to inform natural resource management for 19 NPS units in California. A scientific framework is being developed to articulate research and management questions of interest and to guide species selection. Project work is initially on plants in six pilot parks, encompassing desert, coastal and mountain areas, and builds upon existing monitoring protocols and programs of project collaborators. On-the-ground field testing of science and outreach protocols is planned for 2011 and 2012. Anticipated project outcomes include development of an easy-to-use phenology toolbox of science and outreach protocols, tools and products to guide other parks in the development of citizen-science based phenology projects. The project also emphasizes and encourages partnerships with the wider education and natural resource science communities including the University of California Natural Reserve System, sister federal and state agencies and others. Final products from this initial effort are expected in 2013. A project fact sheet and other project deliverables are available on the NPS-California Phenology Project web page.
Geographic coverage: 
California - desert, coastal, and montane - 19 of the major National Park Units
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Dr. Angie Evenden
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