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It is through our partnerships with governmental agencies, NGOs, academic institutions, and more that we are able to carry out our mission to collect, store, and share phenology-related information.

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California Phenology Project

Our Partners

Partnerships are criticial to the USA-NPN, and are supported by a National Coordinating Office. Together, we work to advance the mission of the USA National Phenology Network.

National Coordinating Office

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  • Non- Governmental Organizations
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  • Educators
  • Public Agencies
  • Native American Tribes
  • Citizen Scientists
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We recognize the following types of USA-NPN Partners:

Local Phenology Projects—Organizations that exist independently and have established a relationship with the USA-NPN to engage their members in phenology monitoring programs. These projects are lead or facilitated by on-site Local Phenology Leaders. We offer information and collaboration opportunities and a Community of Practice for Local Phenology Leaders via a USA-NPN-sponsored listserv.

Regional Phenology Networks—An aggregation of Local Phenology Projects, either as part of a local Phenology Trail or collection of participating sites in a given region of the United States. Regional Phenology Networks are facilitated by Phenology Network Coordinators who serve to organize more than one Local Phenology Project and multiple Local Phenology Leaders.

Collaborating Projects—USA-NPN Collaborating Projects address topics ranging from specific data collection efforts to the development of visualization tools. These efforts are typically short-term (lasting a few years), have specific goals, and may be grant-funded.  They may also be associated with a Nature's Notebook Campaign.

National Observing Networks—Existing institutions or agencies that are undertaking phenology monitoring to meet their own management or reserach objectives, including the National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Long Term Ecological Research Network, Long Term Agricultural Research Network, and the National Ecological Observatory Network. 

Sponsors—Shown on the USA-NPN homepage, provide support for USA-NPN activities either through direct funding or substantial in-kind support or cooperation. Sponsors include funding agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals.

We also recognize other Phenology Networks around the world: 

Global Phenology Networks - Over the last several years, representatives from the International Society of Biometeorology Phenology Commission (ISB-PC) and the World Meteorological Organization Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (WMO-CAgM) have been discussing the concept of a "Global Alliance of Phenological Observation Networks" (GAPON). This webpage, constructed by the USA National Phenology Network, with assistance from ISB and WMO-CAgM, is an initial attempt to move forward in this area.