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USA-NPN Programmatic Series: Annual Reports & Planning Documents
USA-NPN Technical Series
USA-NPN Education & Engagement Series
USA-NPN Information Sheets
USA-NPN Fact Sheets

USA-NPN Programmatic Series: Annual Reports & Planning Documents

 USA-NPN 2013 Annual Report Cover

USA-NPN Strategic Plan report cover

2013 Annual Report
(P 2014-002)

2012 Annual Report
(P 2013-001)

2011 Annual Report
(P 2012-001)

2010 Annual Report
(P 2011-003)

2009 Annual Report
(P 2010-001)

Five-Year Strategic Plan (FY14-FY18)
(P 2014-001)

Five-Year Education Plan, 2012-2016
(P 2011-005)

Review of the USA-NPN’s Information Management System
(P 2011-004)

Research Coordination Network Workshop Report
(P 2012‐002)

Agency Information and Listening Session Report
(P 2011-002)

Stakeholders Workshop Report
(P 2011-001)

USA-NPN Technical Series

Observer Retention Strategies
(T 2012-002)

2009 Observer Survey Report
(T 2010-003)

Nature's Notebook 2012: State of the Data
(T 2013-001)

2011 Data Participant Summary
(T 2012-001)

2010 Data Summary
(T 2011-001)

2009 Data Summary
(T 2010-002)

Data Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Nature's Notebook

Supplementary Organismal and Site‐specific Information Collected via Nature's Notebook

USA-NPN Phenology Protocols 
(DOI 10.1007/

Plant and Animal Phenophase Definitions


USA-NPN Education & Engagement Series

How to Observer Handbook cover image

How to Observe: Nature’s Notebook Plant and Animal Phenology Handbook
(EE 2013-001)

Phenology Trail Guide
(EE 2012-001)


USA-NPN Information Sheets


Observed Changes in Phenology Across the United States Series

Alaska and the Arctic

Great Plains

Hawai‘i and Pacific Islands



Pacific   Northwest



Phenology-linked Indicators of Climate Change Impacts on Society and Ecosystems

Phenology as an Indicator of Environmental Variation and Climate Change

Track Plants and Animals with Nature's Notebook 

Nature’s Notebook; Hands-on Learning in the 5th- 12th Grades

Nature’s Notebook in a University Level Course

Nature’s Notebook in your park or natural area

Stakeholder Perspectives

Providing National Capacity for Ecological Science and Monitoring


USA-NPN Fact Sheets

The USA National Phenology Network—Taking the Pulse of Our Planet
(USGS Fact Sheet 2011-3023)

Hydrology Phenology and the USA National Phenology Network
(USGS Fact Sheet 2010-3083)